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Friday, 25 November 2016

Michael Kruger's Benediction by William Joyce


                                  Publisher Michael Krüger's Benediction, June, 2013

      "I have no explanation for the fact that modern societies have invested tons of money into schools and universities only to find that horrible books are much more loved than the good ones."

       This was probably not the first time that Krüger mentioned the decay of the book world.  Why didn't some magazine, some reporter pick up on this? Why didn't the better writers of Europe rally to Krüger's defense?  Why didn't some TV station make a two-hour program  around a panel of European intellectuals?  Krüger tried to make a fuss about something that needs answering.  TV programming is 98% shit, why not have something nutricious?

       Because. if Krüger is right, those with the least sensitivity to language  are dominating language.  That means the best writers, the best publishers, best reviewers are being trashed.  It raises, in turn, another question:  should people be offered language at all??

       It remains, then, for good writers, sensitive readers to ask what shoiuld be done?  Should someone start a bomb school for discontented writers and publishers?

Monday, 21 November 2016

A reply to Fintan O'Toole by a 75 year old American Poet living in Guatemala

There was much controversy in the election of Donald Trump as future president of America. I thought I'd seen it all until I witnessed the rage and protest of the mob not getting their own way.
The educated masses are in bewilderment, the liberal elite aghast and the racists and the xenophobes are out in gleeful mood. Ireland's own Fintan O'Toole wrote an excellent piece on his view and our own William Joyce replied.  

Letter to Fintan O'Toole of the Irish Times

                   Guillermo O'Joyce
                   Antigua, Guatemala

                                            Dear Fintan O'Toole,
                                                                              Thank you for your fluid and far-reaching perspective on King Donald the XIV.  But His Majesty would never have gotten into a position of running for Power if he hadn't been worshiped because he had Money.  And money is nothing, a dreary medium of exchange inflated to Godhead. And the people who have it are Zeroes, dull personalities turned to vultures, who can't sing a song nor tell a story.  Worse, they have no ability to listen to a story nor sit still for a song.

                                                                              What is called an Upset in Politics is nothing more than a Mirror Reflection of a lot of people outside the power centers crying  out for revenge against the college-educated power brokers.  And whether they are from the Rural Areas, the college towns, or the derelict cities, they all share the same phenomena: they eat bad food, drink bad liquids, and gulp each day an astounding array of pharmaceutical pills.  The U.S. is a nation of junkies, a desert whose soul jumped into a gear box in 1998.  
                                                                             Had Donald Duck or Chauncy the Gardener been elected President of the U.S. it wouldn't have mattered.  None of the 100 million voters got up this morning and praised the amazing miracle of the hydraulics of their intestines that ushered mounds of shit into the toilet bowl thus granting them Resurrection.  No!   One group is celebrating a defunct Casino Manager while the other group is now on the streets protesting his ascendancy.  It is only a pretense this protest on the streets.  What this mob is really upset about is their mother's advice: "It's not What you know but Who you know."  

                                                                             The college professors enforced Mother's advice by preparing their wee charges for exams, not Life.  Now the suck-asses from the colleges and the cities are flailing in all directions, blaming their lack of direction on  a pathetic ex-groper who's in shock now that he's running the show, in shock that he may have to redeposit all his caustic remarks into the vault of the always-neutral Money Machine to be laundered like the real estate funds that vaulted him to power.  

                                                                             If language can't spare the children of Aleppo, Laos, India, and South Chicago, it is Nothing more than a front for the Bullies to lubricate their Killing Machines.  Get rid of it.  Let's have silence while we wait for the bombs to fall.  Let the bodies pile up.  Give the birds and the stray cats and the streams a chance to breath.  

                                                                            Finally, none of this is new.  It is only a reminder of what an Irish poet said in 1916:  "The worst are full of passionate intensity while the best lack all conviction."

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Donald Trump

I woke up today to find Donald Trump the President Elect of America and if  I only looked at the Media I would think that the world had ended. I read the intelligent comments of some, the complete paranoia of others and the self serving hypocrisy of others.

As always I looked to what William would think ?

And here is what he had to say.

Trump was a victory for Fat People over Skinny People.  These were the people who were ditched, by even their mothers, and took up Ready Whip on top of their jello, whose pizzas have all the toppings.

It was the Fat People who finally highlighted the blatant hypocrisy and loss of reality of the intellectual crowd-----pollsters, reporters, publishers,professors, researchers.  Fat people sat on the heads of the pundits and Hillary's army of curly-haired ungroped hellions at private girls' schools wept into their manicured palms. How could the world be so cruel?

Trump should reward his ferocious squadrons of Fat People from the Rural Areas by putting one million of them in his inaugural parade.  And give each one a pizza, WITH ALL THE TOPPINGS.