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Thursday, 1 December 2016


Any one with a television or a tablet or phone can feed on whats going on in Syria, and to be honest what you see reflects what you believe. William Joyce has always been a fierce critic of the hypocrisy of the ' Civilized ' world and the personal responsibilities we all share. He sent me this small incendiary and I think it reflects him thoroughly................

            Aleppo is symbolic of the Western powers futility to help innocent people being bombed.  Aleppo highlights the uselessness of the entire liberal, gooey Western mentality of alliances, the U.N., NATO, the universities from which they all hail, the quicksand of the language they use each day.  2,000 children had their legs or arms blown off.  If the European nations or Canada and the U.S. had any validity, this never would have happened.

            Aleppo is also proof that that the bourgeoisie don't care what happens as long as it doesn't affect their cappuccinos.  That battered city in Syria is final proof that might is right and the hell with language that might save the arms and legs of children. What can any parent in Europe or North AMERCIA say to their own children when they ask, "Why did so many children have to die in Aleppo?" 

           But the fact is that the children of Cappuccino Lickers are coached from day one not to ask such questions.  The issue of Aleppo or why children anywhere go to bed hungry doesn't come up at the dinner table or in classrooms.  Children are coached to play the group game, to deny their individual consciences so they can begin an ascendancy toward a BMW and a home in the suburbs and fuck anybody in need.  This they learn for group approval by age 10.

          What should have been done?  Very simple, organize and march on the streets.  The streets are now used for everything else.  Do not allow the stock markets to march their merry way till the children of Aleppo are escorted to safety.  This should have been done a year ago.  Now it is too late.  Aleppo is then an announcement at the end of the civilized world, of the absolute futility of all of its institutions. It is an announcement that soda pop and guns won out over Voltaire, Homer, and Miles Davis. 

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